Time to update your vessels Waste Holding Tank!

With this new innovation: Sani-Chlor™ you will turn your standard Waste Holding Tank into a more environmentally friendly unit.

When you flush your toilet with the Sani-Chlor™ system, you will be injecting a set dose of chlorine with each flush application, which in turn, after a short treatment time, will render the raw waste up to 95% free of harmfull bacteria. This in turn, means you are left with a less harmfull, less odour producing more environmentally friendly waste product, which can be discharged through your standard macerator discharge system, in the approriate areas.

The system will run on 12vDC - 24vDC, installation time in most cases will be minimal, at a cost of around (AUD) $690.00* installed, depending on vessel application, this system is very affordable.

Minimal electrical connection to existing toilet, Macerator switch, and simple mounting of the latest design Peristaltic pump unit the chemical container with minimal plumbing and you're in business

Do Your Bit for The Environment

  • Reduces Odours
  • Easy to Install DIY Kits
  • Environtmentally Friendly
  • Installation Service Available

*Contact: Brenton Wade for any information on fitting to a particular Vessel

Contact Brenton Wade on 0414   268   873

Email: brenton@wade-tech.com